NAVMAN iCN 635 In-Car GPS Navigator

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MSRP: $1,199.95 | OUR PRICE: $1,079.95

Based on the award winning iCN 630, the NEW Navman iCN 635 is a first-class Drive-Away™ navigation system delivering awesome performance and functionality. This intuitive in-car GPS solution boasts the very latest Navman SmartST™ V3 navigation software.

The iCN 635 is driven by the very latest Navman SmartST™ V3 navigation software giving you a masses of features and boasts an awesome 3.8inch TFT screen delivering a highly detailed 3D map view. The iCN 635 also gives you clear turn-by-turn voice guidance, Back-On-Track™ rerouting, postcode search and the very latest map data.

You also have a huge fully-customisable Points-of-interest database where include your own petrol stations, restaurants, supermarkets and speed cameras. A new feature to SmartST™ V3 is 'Active POIs'. This function allows you to set an alarm to tell you when a particular POI is approaching and also allows you to navigate to your nearest one, e.g petrol station.

The iCN 635 is sold with the very latest SmartST™ V3 software and mapping for the country of purchase plus a remote control for intuitive journey management.

SmartST™ V3 software - SmartST™ V3 is the most detailed navigation software available. It is packed with new features including greater map detail, turn-by-turn mini-maps, voice guidance, postcode search, import points-of-interest and multi-stop routing.

Drive- Away™ - The Navman iCN 635 is a total 'Drive-Away' transferable in-car navigation system. The unit is sold preloaded with SmartST™ V3 navigation software and the very latest street-level mapping for the region of purchase.

Active Points-of-interest - SmartST™ V3 allows you to customise your points-of-interest. You can import new favourites such as restaurants, petrol stations and safety cameras and set an alarm so you know when you are approaching a particular POI. You can also navigate to your nearest POI and set an alarm to notify you when you are approaching a particular POI, i.e a petrol station.

Leading Edge GPS Hardware - The iCN 635 has a robust magnesium alloy casing, automotive-rated 3.8inch screen, intuitive keypad, sleek in-built GPS antenna and a remote control for effortless journey management.

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